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STALLION provide quality products of wallpaper and reliable services. We pride, ourselves in providing the best interior for wallpaper coverings, beautiful designs and most importantly our client’s satisfaction guaranteed.

STALLION will give you a modern or classic look to your home, office and build ings for high level of taste while working a client’s specified budget. With us ,our guiding principles and actions replace illusions. An endless quest for perfection, a perfect aspiration to service, and determination to leave nothing unexplored or unconquered translate our actions into accomplishments.

Our continuous support to our clients guarantee prompt growth with the fair profit and being there in this segment is unarguably accepted by the trade as a major vigor and guidelines sufficient admiration.

The wallpaper qualities of STALLION has come a long way since the days of flock in grandma’s front room. Imagination is the only limit now, and top graphic designers are being commissioned to create stunning collections, many of which are chosen by STALLION.

The company, importers of some of the finest wallpaper choices in the world, list a whole slew of reasons why the design element is so popular.



With honor, integrity and strong sense for giving a quality wallpapers ensuring the outmost satisfaction of our clients.



To create a harmonious atmosphere and luxuries touch in any room with high quality wallpaper and high level of taste while working a client’s specified budget.



STALLION LUXURIOUS WALLPAPER is to be the leading decorator for wallpaper coverings in providing to cover your walls with wallpaper; it is a reasonably simple task to redo everything in the power of your choice.

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